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We’re in process of refining the logo and probably going to change this website a lot as well. Progress in most things has been fairly slow just due to the poor weather, allergies, and seasonal sickness.

We did order an Arduboy, but it’s still on back order. Hope to get that sooner than later but we’re not going to hold our breath. Still designing within the constraints of the device for now though. 1bit art is easy and fast to produce and we’re making our own JavaScript based level editor. We would have posted pictures of the prototypes online but Tesseract is afraid of the internet so we’ve not done so. She may or may not be taking over the nbsp_games twitter account soonish tho.

Until then, we’ll be updating this blog SLOWLY since we don’t have a lot to show. GuBrynS has updated their personal website with some old web experiments so check them out on and we’ll probably be putting prototypes up on eventually as well.


I’ve come to the decision that I might have got too excited about running a full fledged development blog with weekly posts so far. I don’t think we’re producing at a speed to create full fledged meaningful posts that often yet.

However, twitter is a great tool right now for getting our art and design up and out to the people. So far I’ve posted something every day or so and it’s been drawing attention with creative use of #Hashtags. So until we have something more interesting I’m just going to keep working on the CSS and design of this blog while working on Twitter to get things out.

I’m considering even looking into having development streams eventually, but I feel like that’s even deeper into the game that we are right now.

So until then, tune into @nbsp_games for news and updates on our current projects!


There are a few more things I need to do before I can start giving out the blog address to people, but so far things are coming along nicely.


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This blog is not even up and running yet, but I figured I’d make a post for two reasons.

  1. As a test so as I’m working on the design I can see what it looks like
  2. As a technically real post while I figure out what I want this blog to feel like

I tend to favor things that are extremely informal and transparent. So I’ll just start here and now with a big dose of that informality, maybe just to get it out of my system before I dig into the more technical posts I’ll be making eventually. I want to avoid making this blog dry and boring, I want you to feel like I’m speaking directly to you. Maybe I’ll convince someone else on the team to make an editorial post from time to time as well so you can get to know us all (only four of us right now).

This is ultimately a development progress blog, but a big part of it is a historical record of our efforts and how we learn new things as we go along that path. It’ll be a lot of “inside baseball” so to speak, but I know there is an audience that’s interested in that as I am/way part of it. If we become wildly successful in the future then this blog will serve as a nice record to show how we got there. If we fail miserably, then it’ll still be an interesting (if not morbidly interesting) dive into maybe how things might have been mismanaged or what unaccounted for and insurmountable circumstances we encountered and could ultimately be defeated by.

Later on as things progress, I hope these posts will be more interesting and not as hard to read as I’m sure this has been. I’ll probably try make a post more like that in a few days to get you up to speed with what we’ve been working on the last few months, what we’re trying to accomplish ever week, and what our future goals are. There will also be fun development toys and art and all sorts of things posted here and on my also soon-to-be-portfolio site that will be more interesting to the casual audience that may or may not exist in the future.


tl;dr I like to ramble and I want you, dear reader, to know what we’re about. Video Games.


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